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heiderich with flowers, happy
Helle <3
not a tsundere.
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10th-Oct-2011 01:54 am - Whovian LJ/Tumblr scarf code.
Disappointment, STILL NOT GINGER!, 11th Doctor
Read more...Collapse )

I used citadel_icons Slytherin scarf as a base for the coding, and a knit-your-own Doctor Who scarf tutorial I found through Google for the colours.
6th-Sep-2011 03:36 pm - First day of senior year
Pretty boring, honestly. It was just syllabi and teachers droning on and on.
Homeroom teacher is my old APUSH teacher who absolutely loves me, which is good.
Discrete Maths and Statistics looks terribly dull, but the teacher's easy and I can eat in class, so I really can't complain.
Theatre level IV. Honestly, I thought that I'd walk in and be filled with dread because none of my friends are in that class. However, it was actually fairly enjoyable, and WE MIGHT TAKE A TRIP TO LONDON IN MAY! Basically we're the ideas class and there are only like seven people including me.
Phys Ed. I am with all freshmen except for one person. Like. Usually they combine PE I and PE II, but no. ALL freshmen.
Lunch. Last lunch of the day, which makes no sense because one would need to absorb chemical energy in order to participate in a physical activity-based class to the best of their ability, which would mean first lunch. But no. Fucking last lunch. x_x
Aand French, which is a joke, and I noticed errors in my teacher's French. Assigned seats near some people who I get along with fairly well but am not actually friends with. It's also a very very small class.

Anyway, I need to finish my AP Physics work but I'm exhausted.
I might write about tomorrow, but whatever.
25th-Aug-2011 09:43 pm - Just wait.
Zuko, Amazing, Avatar: tla
My friend is taking three AP classes, one of which all of my friends took last year and said it was hell, and one of which I took last year and had a lot more homework than I could handle, and the last one... is AP Calc.
What's more, she's planning on doing this all by hand, without any aid from the internet.

This is the one who despaired over being ranked 17/~350.

Meanwhile, I'll be sitting in my one AP class and doing makeup work in my DO NOTHING French class (one good thing about Gibby) and be doing theatre which in addition to being fun, doesn't require a lot of homework, like "Who thinks a B average is bad now?"

It's just. Junior year is your most important, and I already had one friend fall 20 places in his ranking from taking two of those classes, and managing to cheat and get good grades with what he got off the internet.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I got my schedule sorted? One AP class, but that's cool, cos it's physics. I'll still have stoney Doney for maths, so it's all good. XD</p>
16th-Aug-2011 04:45 pm - ugh. this is ridiculous.
 Okay, I'm not being egotistical, but I am one of the smartest people I know.

It is therefore fucking ridiculous that my friends' parents think that I'm some goddamn idiot for being on the - OMFG GET THIS - B honour roll.

I'm sorry, but I think that I know quite a bit more than them about classes that I've taken that their kids haven't.

Especially when it's AP US History when my teacher said that I was the best student he had all year. I can tell you what he likes to get insofar as assignments and what he doesn't like; and I can tell you right now that IDs take goddamn hours to find on even fucking wikipedia, so let's not even talk about going through the book and writing them all by hand - especially when you've got goddamn awful handwriting.

The only thing that the APUSH teacher prefers handwritten is notes. That's it. Not the IDs.

It's just. Fuck. I'm fucking smart. I just procrastinate. I fucking hate that people think that I'm not as smart as their goddamn prodigies just because I procrastinate, especially since it's a legitimate problem that I have.
9th-Aug-2011 09:58 am - FMA RP
fangirl - winry
So I've opened a FMA RP called twentyoneguns.
It's located on proboards here.

twentyoneguns is set in 1916, one year after the Promised Day.
Führer Grumman has taken control of the country, Roy Mustang is trying to make amends with Ishval, Jean Havoc is going through physical therapy, and the Elric brothers are about to set off to discover more about alchemy.
What will happen? Well, it's all up to you.

We are in need of:
Alphonse and Edward Elric, mostly, at the moment. We accept both canons and OCs, and have a fairly simple app.
If you're at all interested, either comment to learn more, or check us out! Our staff is very friendly, and we're an active board.
17th-Jul-2011 08:14 pm - MP3 Challenge
heiderich with flowers, happy
Everyone knows the MP3 Challenge.
Put your iTunes or iPod on shuffle, and write a ficlet to whatever song comes up.
You only have the length of the song to write the ficlet.

These are my RPCs:
Leo Abraxas KnollysCollapse )

Emmeline Mary VanceCollapse )

Gareth Liam CarmichaelCollapse )

Tristan Ryan FrederickCollapse )

More will be added later~
Characters left:
Regulus Arcturus Black (obviously not an OC, but I play him on two RPs, so...)
Neville Longbottom (again: not an OC, but I play him)
Bertram Gérard Aubrey
Matthew Jonathan Vaisey
Nicole Victoria Selwyn
Lien Hue Nguyen
Rebecca Catalina (again: not an OC, but i play her)
Anneliese Fieseler
Alphonse Elric (I play him, too)
29th-Jun-2011 08:15 pm - Summer. Bleh.
heiderich with flowers, happy
 I got my wisdom teeth taken out Friday. (All four).
As such, I'm on a variety of painkillers, can't eat my favourite food, and now I have bright yellow bruises on my jaw from the surgery. DX

What's more, the painkillers are making me more absent-minded (okay, ditzy) than normal, which is A Very Bad Thing.

Italia's in Australia, and that means I don't have her constant barrage of texts to keep me occupied (and amused). Which means, thusly, I am blindly searching the Internet and doing random things without thinking because I've slept so much that my body won't let me sleep anymore. But I'm tired. Meh.

...I think I must've reserved characters on five RPs in the past week, and I've sent over 200 llamas on deviantART (100+ yesterday alone. They literally blocked me from sending llamas for twenty minutes).

There's only like two weeks till LeakyCon~!

...This is probably entirely incoherent, and I'm probably going to look at this tomorrow and feel extremely confused. Well, that's what painkillers and fatigue do to a person.

Also. I love Los Campesinos!.
 Thank god that I'm a senior. But. Seriously.
Because my teacher forgot to grade my rough draft (when he said he would), my lit grade for the semester is an 83 (with a 95 on the exam). Last semester, because I was going through all kinds of shit from October to December, it was a 78 (100 on the exam). Because of this, I'm being forced to go into a CP class for lit next year.
CP classes are generally the "average" classes. There are the stupid people who somehow manage to get through with Cs, the jocks who need CP classes to make the team, the idiots who sit there and do nothing, the not-quite-smart people who actually work quite hard, and the smart people who don't do any work.
HOWEVER. Because Cape is stupid and Cape and therefore stupid, they're merging the CP and Applied classes (for the REALLY lazy/stupid). Apparently this is to boost their ratings with the state or whatever, but it's just going to set a lot of people back.
And I will be damned if I have to take a CP lit class ever again. Once was more than enough.
So I'm sending in a requirement override request form, because goddammit, I passed the class, and aced the exams. My teacher told me that I was the only one who aced the first semester exam, let alone got a 100.
Also, I am not going to take AP Physics, of all classes, and AP Statistics, and AP Human Geography and/or AP European History but be in a CP lit class. That's just stupid.
If they'd take a look at my SAT scores in lit, they'd certainly have no qualms with letting me take an honours class, as I scored higher than my friends who are in actual college lit classes.

Urgh. Just. The fuck. >_<

I mean, god forbid they look at my other grades (all As and Bs with the exception of music tech, which was a C, because it's stupid and I didn't feel like doing the work). I have an 88% cumulative GPA, and a 90% semester GPA. This is just ridiculous.
21st-Jun-2011 03:32 pm - New Layout.
heiderich with flowers, happy
 It's Alfons. It's blue. It's shiny. :3

Link: Velvet by interlinea 
Art: 忘れないで。 by 美月 (1081689)  on pixiv
28th-May-2011 12:57 pm - Just wondering...
DW Ponder
 Who would commish something from me?
I do fics (obviously), sketches (and maybe digital for a higher price), and plushies (which would be higher than the other two, due to materials).
Right now, I do fics and sketches on request, but, yeah...

I have absolutely no set prices yet, but I have at least two cons coming up this summer, and maybe a trip to Canada, depending on certain circumstances. So, ah, I sort of need money. And, even though I'll be eighteen in less than a month, my mum refuses to let me work before school is out - which means that there is about a 1% chance that I can find a job this summer, as all the decent jobs are taken before, well, actually, before this weekend.

I'm also trying to sell my Fender Squier Affinity, which has lived in its case its whole life and been taken out like... twice. I've had it for like two or three years, and I've never actually played it and never taken it out of the house.
Basically, I just need money.
Though right now, I'm just posing the question of whether or not anyone would commission something from me.
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