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heiderich with flowers, happy
Helle <3
not a tsundere.
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22nd-Feb-2011 07:52 pm - THOUGH OMG I HAS GOOD NEWS
fangirl - winry
 I'm going to Otakon as Amy Pond~
And my mum's actually letting me get my hair more... ginger. I'm still not allowed to dye it, but she's going to pay for me to get it tinted~

Also. France in less than two months. YAY~

(And I also got a better part than the two previous theatre leading girls - still not a lead, but not a bad part, either)
22nd-Feb-2011 07:34 pm - Holyshit I hate Cape.
Disappointment, STILL NOT GINGER!, 11th Doctor
 Because three other school districts in the area close, but we got a delay - oh, and then there's the fact that OMG IT HAS TO BE ON THE DAY WHERE I LIKE ALL OF MY CLASSES and I HAVE NO WAY OF GETTING TO SCHOOL IF WE HAVE A DELAY.

And then I have fucking phys ed and music tech tomorrow and I swear I'm going to end up breaking one of those shiny iMacs by throwing it across the damn room because I fucking hate that class, and the douchebag of a principal won't let me switch out. What the fuck, man? I mean, I'm an uncoordinated asthmatic with poor muscle tone and I'd rather have double phys ed than music tech once. I can't stress enough how much I want that class to go fuck itself. I swear to god, I'm going to pull a Hunter or Triever and just fucking skip that class to chill out in the theatre.

Oh, and then I have pre-calc which is really just trig and I really don't want to have that class tomorrow.
I mean, damn, my only good class on Wednesdays and Fridays is physics.

Besides, I've got lit homework to be doing, and apparently a history test on Thursday and I left both books in my locker on Thursday and haven't been able to go get them!

Just... seriously. My life right now. x_x
27th-Jan-2011 07:25 pm - So. Yeah.
heiderich with flowers, happy
 Been busy with coursework and whatnot as of late.
Also RPs. God, Neville's so hard for me to write because I'm literally nothing like him. I mean, yeah, I'm awkward and kind of klutzy and forgetful, but I'm not like... Neville-level. Plus, he's super-sweet. :3
...I am not. Usually. In person, at any rate. At least when I know the people.
Unless it's just pure politesse.

Regulus, on the other hand...
He's a lot more like me. I mean, I'd never join the Death Eaters - but I can say that, as I know I'll never have a wand pointed at my throat in a threat.
He's also a bit more of a people-pleaser than I am.
But, still.
Plus, I've been working on "my" Regulus since like... god, when did HBP come out? 2005? Holyshit that's like five and a half years developing my version of a character who has very little known about him. Though, honestly, I first really started on "my" Regulus in '07 what with DH and whatnot. (Even though in the beginning he is nothing like he is now - various other influences have helped with fleshing him out).

Actually, I'm going to make character STs now~<3

I have been looking for this for AGES and finally found it on GrooveShark.
Oh, Tom... <3

(Also, if you'd like: character RP accounts:
Neville: makingthemproud 
Regulus: toujourspursang 
heiderich with flowers, happy
Story Title: Disgust
Fandom: Harry Potter
Universe: Books
Characters: Draco Malfoy (mentioned Ginny, Pansy, Harry, Neville, Luna, and Hermione.)
Pairings: one-sided Draco/Ginny, one-sided Pansy/Draco
Spoilers: None?
Summary: There really wasn't anything that special about her...
Notes: Written for the Era of Hogwarts Secret Santa Exchange. I drew Fenrir, and well, this came out. I also drew the PB for Fenrir, but, uh, my camera isn't working and my scanner died ages ago. Sorry. ^_^;;

He's absolutely disgusted...Collapse )
3rd-Dec-2010 10:23 am - Taking requests~!
heiderich with flowers, happy
In the spirit of holidays and winter being better than summer and procrastination and all that, I'm taking requests.

Fanfiction, Fanmixes, sketches, RPs

Which fandoms?
Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Fullmetal Alchemist, Axis Powers Hetalia, Ouran High School Host Club, Mortal Instruments.

What would I love to do?
Fluff <3. Minor characters. EdWin, Royai, LingFan. AusHun. Tamaki-centric.

What will I not do?
Smut. Extreme OoC-ness. James/Lily. Clary/Jace. RoyEd. Elricest. Any incest at all, really.

Fic: monologues, scripts
Mixes: obscure / YouTube artists, musicals, foreign music
sketches: faces, value.

Fic: Detail with dialogue. I'm good with detail until I get caught up in the dialogue, which is why I prefer script and monologue styles.
Mixes: Mainstream music (aside from early 00's/90s pop and some pop-punk from 2003-2005)
Sketches: Proportion, poses, more than one character in a drawing. I can do it; it just takes longer and gets to the point where I end up hating whatever I've drawn.

It'd be given via e-mail or PM (though fic and art may be put up on here and/or FF.Net/dA respectively).
RPs would be via AIM.
I can reject a request; but you can ask for something else if I do.
One request per person, please.

Any other questions?
Want to see a sample of what I'm offering? Comment.
13th-Nov-2010 10:20 am - So.
heiderich with flowers, happy
 I took this quiz last night from some college. It was supposed to help me figure out a major, so I figured, eh, why not? I already know what I want to go for, but it'd be nice to get a second opinion.

Except, um. It just told me what I already knew. It listed possible majors for me as:
music, art, creative writing, history, aeronautical physiology, mechanics.

Now, honestly, I've no desire to be a music, art, or mechanics major. Creative writing, history, and aeronautical physiology, however...
2nd-Nov-2010 10:59 pm - FFFFFFFF
Skins JayJay, Losing My Mind
Tired ramble below the cutCollapse )
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